Meet the Rochester Division

The Hunters

*Minor plot spoilers may be forth-coming…(Listed in series order)

Jace  David  Shane  Ash  Trent  Damon


Jace from Twilight Hunter (Book 1)

Name: Jace McCannon
Occupation: Werewolf Hunter
Height: 6’4
Eye Color: Emerald
Hair: Auburn, chin length
Hunting Characteristics: Increased strength, speed, and healing capabilities courtesy of his half-wolf bloodline, which he keeps secret from his fellow hunters
Personal Characteristics: Aggressive. Stubborn. Drinks Bushmill’s Irish Whiskey like a fish, smokes Marlboro Reds like a chimney, and curses like a sailor. Self-loathing of his bloodline and his abusive father who gave it to him.

David from Immortal Hunter (Book 2)

Name: David Aronowitz
Occupation: Demon Hunter/Exorcist
Height: 6’6
Eye Color: Dark Brown, near black
Hair Color: Black, very short/near buzz-cut
Hunting Characteristics: Has the rare ability to not only hunt demons, but exorcise them, leaving the possessed human mostly unharmed
Personal Characteristics: Humorous. Loyal to a fault. Known for always riding his 2011 Harley Superglide. Connoisseur of craft beer. Loves nothing more than Allsún O’Hare, the girl who broke his heart. Maintains a temporary limp after an accident in Twilight Hunter. Israeli descent. Jewish religious heritage.

Shane from Midnight Hunter (Book 3)

Name: Shane Grey, Ph.D
Occupation: Occult Specialist/Witch Hunter/Professor at the University of Rochester. He is also in charge of the security systems and technology of the Rochester Division
Height: 6’3
Eye Color: Honey/Golden Brown
Hair: Light Brown, just long enough for a ponytail
Hunting Characteristics: Deep knowledge of the occult
Personal Characteristics: Extremely intelligent. Logical and calculated. Young compared to the other hunters. A classic over-achiever and perfectionist. Master of counting cards. You’d be hard pressed to find a subject he isn’t well-versed in. He is not outwardly aggressive unless provoked, so to his fellow über-masculine hunters he can at times appear submissive—but Shane is a hard worker and is determined to hold his own among the group. Ambitious. An unrecognized alpha male.

Ash from Book 4

Name: Ashley (Ash) Devereaux
Occupation: Ghost Medium/Poltergeist Hunter
Height: 6’3
Eye Color: Grey
Hair Color: Golden blond
Supernatural Characteristics: Powerful ghost medium with the power to lay the wandering dead to rest
Personal Characteristics: Slow-speaking, easy-going, southern gentleman from Louisiana. Part Creole descent.  Suffers from P.T.S.D. Deals with his disorder courtesy of copious amounts of Crown Royal.

Trent from Book 5

Name: Trent Garrison
Occupation: Hunter of Shapeshifters (Non-Werewolf)
Height: 6’4
Eye Color: One blue, one green
Hair Color: Black
Hunting Characteristics: After an on-the-job injury, Trent finds himself slowly transforming into a shapeshifter.
Personal Characteristics: Face scarred from an on-the-job hunting injury, but was once extremely handsome. Latino descent.

Damon from Dark Hunter 6

Featured in Shadow Hunter, an Execution Underground prequel novella

Name: Damon Brock
Occupation: Vampire Hunter and Leader/Founder of the Rochester Division of the E.U
Height: 6’4
Eye Color: Ice Blue
Hair Color: Black, military buzz cut
Personal Characteristics: Cold. Calculated. Intense. Stubborn. Obsessed with saving the woman he loved and lost. A shell of the man he once was…